Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whatever Happened to Aspen Brock?

It's a real shame when you find out that a scene you thought was completely too hot for words might have been done by an actress that might've been going through real problems and performing in porn was just part of it. Porn does not have to be a negative thing, but when it is, I just find it unappealing. That being said, I have loved many of her scenes, but knowing how much she regretted it, even at the time, just makes it a little harder to watch her scene from Gangbang Auditions 3.

In a nutshell, here's her story from what research I could do on the Internet. I'm not going to give her real name, it's prevalent enough on the Internet, so if you really need to know it, you can find it. Also keep in mind that I'm just regurgitating what I found by Googling her name. A lot of this comes from lukeisback.com and various other places that come up in the search.

Aspen had a child before entering porn, but lost it when she became addicted to drugs. She began doing porn to afford the legal help to get her child back, but developed a heroin habit that at time affected her performance. She married porn star and director Buck Adams but saw that relationship fail due mostly to her uncontrolled heroin use. She left porn, got sober, started a new life and family and worked for a time helping women recover from bad experiences with the sex industry.

There are two performances that I want to talk about: One is her talked about Gangbang Auditions 3 scene where she starts crying. Anal sex can hurt, but why this was left in is beyond me. The director and guys in the scene seem to be trying to accommodate her and make the scene more comfortable, but she carries on and completes it. The breaking of the fourth wall here makes the scene a little hard to enjoy.

Apparently early in her career, she did several sybian scenes for cdgirls.net. They are incredibly hot and her orgasms come across as genuine. They have been marketed as early work from former WWE Diva Stacey Keibler, and the resemblance in one of them is understandable, especially given her small breasts. These are great sybian scenes, and worth watching.

Here is a great compilation of her scenes:


  1. aspen brock was hands down one of the most naturally beautiful girls iv'e ever seen in porn, but it was VERY obvious that she had some emotional problems. it was also obvious that she was high in most of her scenes. i'm glad that she's out of the business and doing well.

  2. She was an amazing beauty. Obviously crazy and broken the way only a porn star can be. Would love to have seen more from her.

  3. this is an ex girlfriend of mine .......... disturbing

  4. I looked up that scene with her crying.. Not hot at all she obviously is stoned out of her mind and not enjoying herself at all. When she starts crying I donno that seems kinda fucked.. if a girl started crying in the middle of me fucking her that'd be a huge turn off and I'd stop fucking her. But these are porn guys.. mostly douchebags who don't give a fuck about peoples feelings lol. And I'm not anti porn or anything I watch as much porn as the next guy but that scene was not hot and even kind of ugly.

    1. She is a beautiful girl though.. Stunning. Her face kind of reminds me of Isabella Soprano,

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  6. Sad ! I know lady similar to her. Broken ! I care ! Her children don't give a damn. Only for themselfs .

  7. She's not fine. She was arrested in Mariscopa, AZ for drug charges 3 times in 2017, alone.